Reviews of CD Expressions (1997)

For some reason, and I can't explain why, I was randomly searching iTunes. Then I found you. I decided to click on your name, and listen to Expressions. I was suddenly intrigued with the beauty of it, and purchased your album a couple of weeks ago. I sit here now listening to it, like I do every night before I go to sleep, staring into space with some sort of wonderment. I love Field Of Flowers, the true beauty of this piece, and others is quite astounding.
I hope you keep making music like this, it is dazzling. —Tom B., Age 16, Suffolk, England 

Love your music - Oh it makes me so happy - so much life & passion - Thank you. —Marina E.

Soothing and relaxing yet intriguing as well. Very nice! "Butterflies" is my favorite so far. Doug R.

As I was listening to your musical poetry I could feel myself drifting off to another certainly have a gift of awakening ones senses and transcending them to another place and time.....I love it and can't wait to hear more. Please let me know when you are playing next. I'm actually looking forward to my commute home tonight..... —Karen L.

Your music soothes the soul!—Juliana & Alan B.

It's quite good, very nice tone poems if I can say that, blending well varied techniques and color and figures ... I think you'd have enjoyed hanging around the piano with Debussy too! going over ideas.
—Rocky N.

I have enjoyed listening to your pieces, and especially like your neo-impressionist leanings. There is a reassuring calmness about your music. —Durwynne H.

We put it on Sunday morning, and it was so pleasant to wake up to... gentle, cascading... —Dick K.

Thanks for the link to pineshadow.  I liked the site and spend some time listening to Dave's samples.  I ordered his first album and have been listening to it when driving home from work.  The Steinway on this recording has a bright, brilliant tone which really has a penetrating quality that carries a bell like clarity.  My favorite is the 3rd piece, Field of Flowers, it has an emotional tone and overall structure I can best relate to. The description on the album back cover says it all: Evocative contemporary classical music, vivid and thoughtful, romantic with impressionistic textures. Evocative and impressionistic are the descriptions I would certainly use. Please communicate my kudos to David for sharing his vision. —Michael K.

As I sit here working away I'm absorbed into your wonderful music. What a magnificent talent you have. Your CD photos really captured your essence. —Ileana D.

Perfect to listen to and feel inspired by, while working. —Mercy G.

I can't begin to tell you how much we enjoyed your very beautiful compositions as well as the very beautiful piano playing. Playing a musical instrument at such a high level is quite a gift. To be able to compose such beautiful music in addition is quite awesome. —Marlene & Ike B.

The music is beautiful. —Mary T.

I think this CD is absolutely fabulous. What a talent!—Susan Hall, pianist

Just wanted to let you know that I've re-discovered your piano cd "Expressions"; my husband and I thoroughly enjoy listening to it. You probably don't remember me, but I thought it was important to let you know that your music is a wonderful and joyous contribution to the world. —Gina C.

Your music is awesome, remarkable, out of this world. God bless you Piano Man.—Miguel A. C., Cadiz, Spain


Reviews of CD Sierra Passage (1986 on tape cassette, 2008 on CD)

I played all of the first side of "Sierra Passage" on my show last night and received a favorable response. The telephone calls where very encouraging. I will be playing it often on the show. The composition and instrumentation are excellent and the mixing and production also are top quality. Great program guide, very impressive. This dramatic music evokes a lot of imagery in the listener. Some of the best original music I have heard in quite a while. In the future, if you could stay in contact with me about future releases and musical activities, I will be pleased to present your music to our listeners.
—Ben Kettlewell, WOMR radio producer, Provincetown, MA, 1987

"Pianist Erskine really works the keyboard, calling on nearly every note lurking there for his portrait of the mountains he loves. His impressive technique raises this tape miles above the pretty city-piano of Windham Hill, scaling the heights with rope and pitons and no safety net. This is athletic edge-of-endurance music for solo grand piano from someone who obviously loves challenges."
—Electronic Musician magazine March 1987

I'm so excited, I love the Sierra Passage. I just opened it up, got it out of the mail, oh my gosh it's awesome! Bravo bravo bravo, we've got to get together to celebrate this beautiful work of art. It's incredible. ..... Congratulations on that beautiful body of work that you've done. Oh my gosh, that's just amazing, absolutely amazing. —Kristi C.

I stayed in tonight from Tango dancing, wanting to just relax, and listened instead to your piano creations as I read your poems and examined your sketches.  Having been in the Sierras many times myself, I was brought back to those experiences via your sounds, sights, and words. I especially enjoyed the music and the words for “Sequoia Cathedral” – I’ve seen those trees, and you well captured their awesome significance, both in size and age.  The triumphal passages in “The Summit” were great, evoking that great feeling of physically being on top of such grandeur while beholding the amazing landscapes stretching below in all directions. Sierra Passage is a great piece of work!  I was impressed with your creative expression in so many mediums – they blended together to create a deep experience. —Jeff K.

We are in awe of this beautiful and very moving tribute you have created to the magnificent Sierras. Your poetry was very descriptive and moving and your drawings are great-- not exactly Renour but perfect with your poems. We read and enjoyed the poems and your descriptions of the music before we played the CD so it was much more meaningful. You constantly amaze us Dave. You always seem to be such a normal person, but with such extra ordinary gifts and talent. Your tribute to theSierras touched us very deeply. —Marlene and Ike B.

Before responding, I have listened to the album many times to familiarize myself with the pieces.  My favorite is the first one; its got such a dramatic feeling!   I can appreciate and relate to that energy, and as always, your playing is excellent!  The poems and drawings add a real personal view of what it is you see in beauty. —Michael K.

I am very glad to have this new version of the drawings, poems and of course the CD. I played it that very night that it came in the mail. I've been enjoying looking again at your drawings. In some ways they are very familiar, from an older copy I had of the Sierra Passage. But the print in this new booklet seems sharper, and anyway due to my efforts at artistic expression in recent years I seem to have more appreciation for the details you convey so well in your pictures. I really love the one of the foothills, it captures their look so accurately. And for some reason, the cross-country skiing one also really strikes me, how rich you've managed to make it, without it being over-worked. —Amy D.

I really enjoyed your concert the other night <in ABQ library March 2010>.  You play so beautifully, and I loved the way you introduced each piece.  There were a couple of pieces where it sounded like you were strumming a harp; I loved it! What I tried to tell you in the email that didn't go through, was how much I enjoyed listening to Sierra Passage.  What a great package!  It was a cloudy day when I listened to the cd.  While the music was playing, I was reading the poem for each piece and looking at the accompanying illustration.  It all fit together so perfectly.  I felt as if I could hear the words of the poem coming through the music.  It was so beautiful.  And I loved it so much, that I repeated the process a few minutes after I finished playing the cd the first time. Thank you for your music, words, and art!  You are a man of many talents! —Rosemarie D.
Oakland, California

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Reviews of Golden Little Flower track
(Nov 2020) (released later in CD Walk Among the Flowers)

Dave I am so waiting to see this with you playing in the video, I love it so much. It begins with drive and goes into unhurried sweetness and reverie, I absolutely love listening to it over and over. —Z K.

Thank you for letting me see last night's Contra Costa performance (of GLF). I love your piece, indeed flowering in dynamic + tonal range, delicate fingering and flow. It was wonderful to see you play it after listening a half dozen times to it. —Z K.

Very talented Dave!—Brian C.

That was awesome David! Thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving!! —George B.

Beautiful, David!! Thank you for sharing!  Looking forward to to the concert on Tuesday! —Jennifer H.

Beautiful!!!! I still listen to your cd in my car when driving, Declan loves it ♥️ —Heather M.

Thank you for the link! Peter and I enjoyed listening to it! Lovely piece! We look forward to the link to Youtube premiere on Tuesday! —Chihiro and Peter K.

What a delight your new piece is!!!  I enjoyed hearing it, very much.  I'm so glad you are continuing to use and share your wonderful talent for music with the world.  I'm looking forward to tuning in on November 24. —Amy D.

Beautiful Dave! —Vince F.

Beautifully played, Dave. I like how you kept a relaxed tempo throughout and the ending was great - the little repeating phrase up to the fourth. Thank you for sharing. Wonderful! —Tim

Just beautiful Dave! —Janet H.

That was absolutely gorgeous! Wow, what an accomplished musician you are. Congratulations on a work of art! —Kristi C

Love it! ❤️ —Amy N.

It’s a lovely piece. My thoughts—starts out with a wistful contemplative tone, but major chords insert energy and hopefulness. It doesn’t seem to simply move from wistful to hopeful, but moves back and forth. Some of the combinations seem reminiscent of other work you have done. —D. M.

Really, really lovely... what a treat! Thanks for sending! —Pam C.


Reviews of CD Walk Among the Flowers (2021)

Oh my gosh Dave!! Such beautiful recordings! Thanks so much! Great album cover 😃 —Janet H.

I just wanted to tell you how joyous that CD of Walk Among the Flowers is that you gave me. I have played it numerous times in my Prius and have almost wore it out. (I think i have played it 50-60 times!) —Jacque K.

Just wanted to reach out and thank you for the CD you sent, it's awesome! I have been listening to it in the car almost daily. You are very talented, hopefully we will get a live performance sometime soon. —George B.

Rick and I were finally able to listen to your album as we drove to Sonoma last night: really lovely…and appreciated the brief narratives with each piece. It’s wonderful that you’ve been able to keep your musical creative life strong during this period. Thanks so much for sharing this. —Judy M.

Hi Dave, just wanted to let you know I had a blissful commute to church yesterday morning, listening to a Walk Among the Flowers... beautiful playing, soothing themes....—Terrie E.

Thank you so much for sending me your new CD, "Walk Among the Flowers." I am very much enjoying listening to it, and like the previous CD which you sent to me, "Mist", I find it wonderfully meditative and lyrical. Keep up the fine work!—Paul H.

The Door County Serenade is my favorite. So cheerful and optimistic what we all need and perfect for this time.—Noel B.

Thank you so much for your New Year gift. It was a very pleasant and soothing music  - exactly what I need now. My favorite is the first one. —Tanya H.

I've been playing Mist and Walk Among the Flowers in my car and they are all beautiful. While listening to Flowers I imagine I’m on my property, which is always offering up a new bloom of color and fragrance every week. —Don B.


Reviews of CD Mist (2019)

I love the March Rain, what a delicate and free-flowing charming piece!! It's a perfect piece for relaxation. For me, the Riff on Pachelbel was one of the most memorable from your previous CD, and you have really made it even more colourful and melodious! It's almost like you can attach a verse to your melody. I enjoyed listening to it very much! In Winter, I hear few grim moments in otherwise beautiful winter scene full of longing for memories of the past. The acoustics is fantastic in this church! Chihiro and Peter K.

I’m sitting in my studio on the hill in my little forest and listening to Mist. March Rain is my favorite and is just perfect for this beautiful day. Funny, I have always admired George Winston, playing his music barefoot on a 9 ft concert grand or old upright with his unique style that is outgoing and inspiring and fresh. March Rain and your playing of it, in some obtuse association, reminds me of him. Noel B.

I am really enjoying your CD. I listened to it several times this evening-- it is perfect music for the sunset hour!. I own hundreds of CDs but I keep a separate much smaller stack of CDs that I know can almost instantly put me in a better mood and I have added your CD to that
more select collection. Paul H.

Reviews of CD Musings (2018)

Ah, Dave! Your music is so soulful, I’m not surprised that you made someone cry. Someone who wasn’t aware that her heart was going to be opened by your music. I’m so happy to hear that you are getting some more appreciation for your music. —Amy D.

Dave, I just put your CD on.  Listening to track 3 now.  Just have to tell you what a treat it is.  Waterfall in the background in my yard.  Utterly enchanting.  Thank you for thinking of me and sending me your music.  Valerie and I and our animals are immersed in your playing. —Noel B.

I just started listening to your CD yesterday, and it's quite a compilation! I'm only part way through the first CD and already I'm so impressed with your technical prowess and the breadth of character amongst the pieces. What an accomplishment putting this together! I'm looking forward to listening to more. —Dwight

Before I left work a few days ago, I was talking with Steve L. in his office, and noticed your CD. I asked if I could borrow it, and he said sure. So, I have been listening to it all day, and I just had to tell you how much I enjoy your music. More than just technically great, you play with such a great passion that it is wonderful to listen to. You are an amazing and talented guy! —Scott W.

I just started listening to your fine recordings.  Fabulous! —M.S.L.

This past month I’ve got it loaded in the Jetta six-disc...really great, the hidden pieces placed in a double disc format gives great communication of style. Can really understand the methodology of your favorite techniques and “licks”, if you will. —Jim C.

Just want to say thank you for sharing your music with me.  It is very beautiful, and I am surprised you know such a good trumpet player! I also play on the piano… and once upon a time even wanted to join a conservatory and make it into a career. —Kathy O.

Thanks for the CD!  And a huge congrats for getting that all done.  Its beautiful and I am super happy for you! —Justin L.

I just received you beautiful CD set. I'll be enjoying these tracks for hours to come. —Daniel Z.

I have just had the most wonderful surprise in the post - a CD of Dave's compositions. I am sitting here thoroughly enjoying listening to it and reading the interesting accompanying notes which elucidates your context and process. Many thanks! I can see it being played often, your music wafting through our house. —Carolyn O. (London)

I have just listened to Dave's CD. MAGNIFICENT! Highly recommended. —Bobbie C.

A really stellar CD. In spite of the differences in sound from one track to another, the total output is exceptionally good. Marilyn and I have so far mostly listened to CD 1, as we are still processing and enjoying the selections. CD 2 will go through the same thing soon. —Christopher J.

A really nice and professional looking CD. I really enjoyed it! :) —Kat A.

The music is wonderful. —John and Barb H.

It has given us much pleasure — your Musings. Keep on making — creating — fine music. —Dick and Nancy

Becky brought a wonderful package from you. Thank you so much for sharing your creative music. We will enjoy it in our small new environment. Still loving the memory of your visit with pictures of your travels. Your piano compositions are always a treasure. Enjoy the season... love, —Mary Ellen R.

I wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU for the CD! I love the stories that go with each piece of music. I’ve decided to bring the CD with me to school (too bad for Greg) to improve the quality of my lunch time “quiet”! I’ll be sure to keep the notes close by for reference! Thanks again for sending this…. super cool! —Patricia C.

I listen to your CD at work, GREAT job and thank you for making my nights a bit more interesting and relaxing. -P. Clem

I listened to the first few songs in the car. Thank you so much for the CD! I really like it so far! You are very talented. —Michelle M.

Thankyou for your delightful piano composers notebook CD. I am enjoying your musical pieces while watching the beautiful autumn leaves dancing in the wind. It's a lovely serenade which inspires many different reflections. Thanks for sharing your special musical talent. Peace & Love, -Mercy G.

I've really been enjoying your CD — and the stories behind them. Particularly like "Dark Forest" and "Your'e a Star in my Heaven" — good to hear more! —Lauren DB.

About track You're a Star in My Heavens (2014)

Gorgeous, Dave! just now had a chance to listen to it. brought tears to my eyes... images of rain pattering on a pond, watching with a friend while sipping a warm drink. —Terrie E.

About track Buonasera (2017)

Flowing, romantic, cheerful, sentimental, lovely! —Misha F.


Reviews of CD Self-Portrait (2004)

Dave.  Dude.  Wow.  I just listened to your Self-Portrait album, and it was so good I'm listening to it again.  I'll tell you, I'm picky about music, and I really found this quite engaging.  I had started to read something while I was listening to it and no, it demanded my full attention, I had to put the reading down. (It was a really interesting article about brain parasites affecting our behavior--they say maybe 40% of people are actually infected!  But your music was even more interesting than that, it won.  So you should be proud.)  Definitely looking forward to hearing the one that's coming in the mail sometime. —Misha F.


Reviews of CD Janus (2010)

Well.. I listened to Janus while I was in Japan and again when I got back today. I can only say; thank you, it is wonderful. That is also the opinion of my attorney and good friend over there, Keiko Ohara who is also a well regarded concert pianist.  She said that you and I need to find an excuse to go to Japan for the TEDI project so she can meet you. It is a rare privilege to hear such wonderful music and to know the composer/artist. I played it for some friends today and they were also thrilled. I think it evokes an emotion of pastoral calm that truly engages. And it is impossible to believe that you are self taught!!! Thanks...send more tracks. —Bob E.

I listened to Janus this morning.  It's beautiful!  I really like it with the trumpet; your step-brother is really good!  I hope you get to re-record the pieces.  They really should be on a cd.  You and Rick sound great together! —Rosemarie D.

I just love the trumpet and piano combination and your compositions and arrangements...well, you've got something grand and special in creativity....—Connie T.