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Sound samples from CD Musings (2018)
Janus (Herald section) snip1,
Janus (Introspection section) snip2

DarkForest snip

Exuberance snip

Amys Wedding snip

Reviews of CD Musings (2018)

Ah, Dave! Your music is so soulful, I’m not surprised that you made someone cry. Someone who wasn’t aware that her heart was going to be opened by your music. I’m so happy to hear that you are getting some more appreciation for your music. —Amy D.

Dave, I just put your CD on.  Listening to track 3 now.  Just have to tell you what a treat it is.  Waterfall in the background in my yard.  Utterly enchanting.  Thank you for thinking of me and sending me your music.  Valerie and I and our animals are immersed in your playing. —Noel B.

I just started listening to your CD yesterday, and it's quite a compilation! I'm only part way through the first CD and already I'm so impressed with your technical prowess and the breadth of character amongst the pieces. What an accomplishment putting this together! I'm looking forward to listening to more. —Dwight

Before I left work a few days ago, I was talking with Steve L. in his office, and noticed your CD. I asked if I could borrow it, and he said sure. So, I have been listening to it all day, and I just had to tell you how much I enjoy your music. More than just technically great, you play with such a great passion that it is wonderful to listen to. You are an amazing and talented guy! —Scott W.

I just started listening to your fine recordings.  Fabulous! —M.S.L.

This past month I’ve got it loaded in the Jetta six-disc...really great, the hidden pieces placed in a double disc format gives great communication of style. Can really understand the methodology of your favorite techniques and “licks”, if you will. —Jim C.

Just want to say thank you for sharing your music with me.  It is very beautiful, and I am surprised you know such a good trumpet player! I also play on the piano… and once upon a time even wanted to join a conservatory and make it into a career. —Kathy O.

Thanks for the CD!  And a huge congrats for getting that all done.  Its beautiful and I am super happy for you! —Justin L.

I just received you beautiful CD set. I'll be enjoying these tracks for hours to come. —Daniel Z.

I have just had the most wonderful surprise in the post - a CD of Dave's compositions. I am sitting here thoroughly enjoying listening to it and reading the interesting accompanying notes which elucidates your context and process. Many thanks! I can see it being played often, your music wafting through our house. —Carolyn O. (London)

I have just listened to Dave's CD. MAGNIFICENT! Highly recommended. —Bobbie C.

A really stellar CD. In spite of the differences in sound from one track to another, the total output is exceptionally good. Marilyn and I have so far mostly listened to CD 1, as we are still processing and enjoying the selections. CD 2 will go through the same thing soon. —Christopher J.

A really nice and professional looking CD. I really enjoyed it! :) —Kat A.

The music is wonderful. —John and Barb H.

It has given us much pleasure — your Musings. Keep on making — creating — fine music. —Dick and Nancy

Becky brought a wonderful package from you. Thank you so much for sharing your creative music. We will enjoy it in our small new environment. Still loving the memory of your visit with pictures of your travels. Your piano compositions are always a treasure. Enjoy the season... love, —Mary Ellen R.

I wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU for the CD! I love the stories that go with each piece of music. I’ve decided to bring the CD with me to school (too bad for Greg) to improve the quality of my lunch time “quiet”! I’ll be sure to keep the notes close by for reference! Thanks again for sending this…. super cool! —Patricia C.

I listen to your CD at work, GREAT job and thank you for making my nights a bit more interesting and relaxing. -P. Clem

I listened to the first few songs in the car. Thank you so much for the CD! I really like it so far! You are very talented. —Michelle M.

Thankyou for your delightful piano composers notebook CD. I am enjoying your musical pieces while watching the beautiful autumn leaves dancing in the wind. It's a lovely serenade which inspires many different reflections. Thanks for sharing your special musical talent. Peace & Love, -Mercy G.

I've really been enjoying your CD — and the stories behind them. Particularly like "Dark Forest" and "Your'e a Star in my Heaven" — good to hear more! —Lauren DB.

About track You're a Star in My Heavens (2014)

Gorgeous, Dave! just now had a chance to listen to it. brought tears to my eyes... images of rain pattering on a pond, watching with a friend while sipping a warm drink. —Terrie E.

About track Buonasera (2017)

Flowing, romantic, cheerful, sentimental, lovely! —Misha F.