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— CD Walk Among the


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Track 1, Golden Little Flower, 6:00
Recorded in studio Nov. 8 for the CCPAS Youtube concert November 24, 2020:
audio only, video, full concert with 6 artists)

Track 2, Our Blue Dot Too, 4:51
Recorded on home piano November 25, 2018, variations on a catchy melody:
Our Blue Dot Too

Track 3, Door County Serenade 2019, 4:12
Composed for a wedding, recorded in recital Dec. 6, 2019.

Door County Serenade (2019 version)


Listeners reaction Nov 2020 Golden Little Flower track
(released later in CD Walk Among the Flowers):

Dave I am so waiting to see this with you playing in the video, I love it so much. It begins with drive and goes into unhurried sweetness and reverie, I absolutely love listening to it over and over. —Z K.

Thank you for letting me see last night's Contra Costa performance (of GLF). I love your piece, indeed flowering in dynamic + tonal range, delicate fingering and flow. It was wonderful to see you play it after listening a half dozen times to it. —Z K.

Very talented Dave!—Brian C.

That was awesome David! Thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving!! —George B.

Beautiful, David!! Thank you for sharing!  Looking forward to to the concert on Tuesday! —Jennifer H.

Beautiful!!!! I still listen to your cd in my car when driving, Declan loves it ♥️ —Heather M.

Thank you for the link! Peter and I enjoyed listening to it! Lovely piece! We look forward to the link to Youtube premiere on Tuesday! —Chihiro and Peter K.

What a delight your new piece is!!!  I enjoyed hearing it, very much.  I'm so glad you are continuing to use and share your wonderful talent for music with the world.  I'm looking forward to tuning in on November 24. —Amy D.

Beautiful Dave! —Vince F.

Beautifully played, Dave. I like how you kept a relaxed tempo throughout and the ending was great - the little repeating phrase up to the fourth. Thank you for sharing. Wonderful! -Tim

Just beautiful Dave! —Janet H.

That was absolutely gorgeous! Wow, what an accomplished musician you are. Congratulations on a work of art! —Kristi C

Love it! ❤️ —Amy N.

It’s a lovely piece. My thoughts—starts out with a wistful contemplative tone, but major chords insert energy and hopefulness. It doesn’t seem to simply move from wistful to hopeful, but moves back and forth. Some of the combinations seem reminiscent of other work you have done. —D. M.

Really, really lovely... what a treat! Thanks for sending! —Pam C.


What listeners are saying about CD Walk Among the Flowers:

Oh my gosh Dave!! Such beautiful recordings! Thanks so much! Great album cover 😃 —Janet H.

I just wanted to tell you how joyous that CD of Walk Among the Flowers is that you gave me. I have played it numerous times in my Prius and have almost wore it out. (I think i have played it 50-60 times!) —Jacque K.

Just wanted to reach out and thank you for the CD you sent, it's awesome! I have been listening to it in the car almost daily. You are very talented, hopefully we will get a live performance sometime soon. —George B.

Rick and I were finally able to listen to your album as we drove to Sonoma last night: really lovely…and appreciated the brief narratives with each piece. It’s wonderful that you’ve been able to keep your musical creative life strong during this period. Thanks so much for sharing this. —Judy M.

Hi Dave, just wanted to let you know I had a blissful commute to church yesterday morning, listening to a Walk Among the Flowers... beautiful playing, soothing themes....—Terrie E.

Thank you so much for sending me your new CD, "Walk Among the Flowers." I am very much enjoying listening to it, and like the previous CD which you sent to me, "Mist", I find it wonderfully meditative and lyrical. Keep up the fine work!—Paul H.

The Door County Serenade is my favorite. So cheerful and optimistic what we all need and perfect for this time.—Noel B.

Thank you so much for your New Year gift. It was a very pleasant and soothing music  - exactly what I need now. My favorite is the first one. —Tanya H.

I've been playing Mist and Walk Among the Flowers in my car and they are all beautiful. While listening to Flowers I imagine I’m on my property, which is always offering up a new bloom of color and fragrance every week. —Don B.


Video, performing Golden Little Flower, Nov. 8, 2020, in studio MegaSonic Sound, Oakland